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As you are likely aware, Defra and the Forestry Commission have determined the control and surveillance of Oak Processionary Moths (OPM) should continue into 2021.

Here at Tag Trees Ltd our team are fully trained and registered to remove live and dead Oak Processionary Moth material by professional vacuum from trees and other surfaces.

Should you receive a report of suspected OPM Infestation, Tag Trees can undertake a survey of the tree(s) which will provide recommendations for work required to be completed and ensure the swift removal of the OPM material in line with the Forestry Commissions and Defra Guidelines.

All of our operatives are fully insured and wear OPM specific PPE including head and neck covering.

Oak Processionary Moth Control
OPM Management Services

The caterpillars (larvae) of oak processionary moth (OPM) are pests of oak trees (trees in the Quercus genus), and a hazard to human and animal health. OPM was first accidentally introduced to England in 2005, and is subject to a government-led programme of survey and control to minimise its population, spread and impacts.

Source: Forest Research.

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