Tag Trees Ltd Environmental Policy

The company wholeheartedly supports the principle of environmental improvement.

We believe that it is in the company’s best interest and those who work in it, to ensure that the environment is protected and improved.

To this end within the framework of the law, we are committed wherever practical to achieving and maintaining an environment improvement policy. Every possible step will be taken to ensure that the environment is protected and improved wherever possible.

In order to put this policy of environmental improvement into practice and maintain it in the day to day operation of our business we have and will:

  • Set out our objectives to establish and maintain a workforce which understands and appreciates the need for environmental controls
  • Provide training for our managers and supervisory staff
  • Monitor the existing workforce, and the application and effects of the policy
  • Continually examine and review existing procedures for improving the environment
  • Develop mechanisms for implementing environmental improvement procedures
  • Identify any opportunity for improving the environment
  • Review the policy on a regular basis
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The company’s directors and managers fully support this policy statement. All employees are responsible for playing their part in achieving it’s objectives.
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